Saturday, July 9, 2011


Hey folks,

As always, we're a little behind on this whole bloggin' thing. That's alright though, because with summer in full effect, who wants to sit on the internets anyhow? Lots of good things in the works though. But, first things first.

With other life commitments, we've been takin' shows here at Strangelight at a relatively slow pace and for next several months, that won't change. Slow and steady wins the race, y'know? But don't fret, we'll have at least one a month all summer and into fall and god knows there are shows all over town. So, we'll be seeing you. Then, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for coming out to this:

We had a lot of fun and it's always so good to see so many great people in great spirits in one place. Thanks for being safe, bringing the good vibes, and being all around fantastic. We hope you had fun too.

While we're on the topic of shows, we've got some great shows coming up in the coming months. Some bands you've likely heard of, and some you likely haven't, but probably should have. Check out the 'Upcoming Shows' page for more details, then get off the computer and come hang!

Then, if you've been by in the last couple months, if you've probably seen some wonderful paintings in the windows by our good friend Alison Rhoades. If not, here are a few pictures. She's moving to France soon and these paintings will be coming down in the coming weeks, so if you haven't seen them in person, get over here and check 'em out. Falco will most likely be hanging out in the windows as well. Say hi...

Next in line is a Photo / Video installation from Chicago's Ryan Lowry. We're really excited about this one. Check him out at .

Then, be on the lookout for a Strangelight art show sometime in late August / early September. Let's make it a banger. More details to come!

Finally, this isn't at Strangelight, but don't miss this. Lots of good bands and really, how often does something like this happen? You can pick one of these posters up at the show. Email for more details.

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